What is careful security?

Our mission is deceptively simple: To spread an appreciation and interest for cybersecurity throughout the world. Whether for individuals through our educational programs, or for organizations through our consultancy, we believe that anyone and everyone can learn how to become an exemplary cyber citizen. By giving them a new awareness, we can hope to prevent the growing threats that perpetually loom over the horizon.

Our Core Values

  • Be Careful – Of course we’re careful. It’s in our name. Not only do we take care with your data, we take care with the needs of your company. We understand that cybersecurity and compliance are not easy concepts to deal with and will apply our wisdom to work with your organization every step of the way.
  • Be Courageous – At Careful Security, we are unafraid to explore uncharted territories in a field that requires constant innovation to keep up with the persistence of cyber threats. We ensure that all of our clients are ahead of the curve and ready to face all risks and vulnerabilities that may arise.
  • Have Fun – No one said any of this stuff has to be boring. We believe that by having a little fun, our clients will better process the information we provide and develop an appreciation for cybersecurity that will lead to a greater resiliency and fewer incidents.

About Us

Bryan Roberts

Bryan Roberts : Analyst

Bryan Roberts
“Oh, hello. Didn’t see you there. My name is Bryan Roberts and my cybersecurity journey sprang from the fact that I don’t like playing online video games with cheaters. My analytical mind cannot process such a thing, and I had no idea how to deal with it until I received a lung transplant to treat a lifelong chronic illness. Once I was healthy enough to “fight back” I earned a legion of cybersecurity certifications and received a comprehensive cybersecurity education. I found out that I couldn’t do much about the cheaters, but I’m still a nerd who loves spreading the good word of technology to those who thirst for knowledge. I am now proud to be Careful Security’s vice president of making cybersecurity relatable, much like your cool aunt (not your judgy uncle).”

Trevor Spaniola

Trevor Spaniola : CyberSecurity Engineer

Trevor Spaniola
An innovative and driven cybersecurity professional with a passion for all things
Information Security. Strong focus on Vulnerability Assessment, Risk Analysis,
Threat Hunting/Intelligence, Penetration Testing, and Access Control
Management. Known as a motivated, creative individual with strong
communication skills. Deep understanding of Linux systems, Python & Bash
scripting, and network monitoring technology, such as IDS/IPS, Wireshark, and
SIEM tools. Avid Capture-the-Flag (CTF) participant and enthusiast.

Sammy Basu

Sammy Basu : CEO


I loved playing soccer, played it every opportunity I could, and just before I was about to start college, I fractured my knee while playing. I spent a month and a half in bed, during which I read all of the Sherlock Holmes novels. I just loved them! I discovered I had a natural affinity for mysteries and discovering the hidden path. When I later discovered cybersecurity, it was like being in a real-life mystery novel, hunting down the clues and trying to solve the case. So, I know it’s cliché, but in my life when one door closed and an entire career opened.

our method

Address your IT problems remotely without the need for a physical visit.

After an initial onboarding questionnaire, and follow-up video conference where we gather site – specific information and requirements, leave the heavy lifting to us.

Cyber Security Assess


To know your weaknesses, you need to know where they exist:



Once we identify weaknesses, we develop a strategy to address them:


For security to be effective, foundational processes have to be implemented so it continues to protect your business:

Sample Workflow for Compliance Readiness

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