Careful Security

Phishing Prevention & Email Security

Let’s ensure your organization is prepared and ready to handle phishing attacks before it’s too late.

Why your business needs it?

96% of phishing attempts or attacks arrive by email and employees receive an average of 14 malicious emails per year. Almost every organization conducts a bulk of its business through secure email communication and they often have documents attached to these emails. lawyers, insurance agents, real estate agents, financial institutions, HR, and accounting personnel, especially those who deal with external email communications with third parties, will benefit from using a secure email provider and our phishing prevention techniques.

Our approach

We review your email security filters and attempt to bypass them to simulate hacker behavior. Based on how your email system is configured, we’ll apply the necessary and missing controls. Additionally, we run proactive phishing tests and train your team on how to identify phishing emails. We also implement additional security controls to mitigate the risk of data loss prevention through encrypted email.

How long does it take

Depending on your current schedule and number of employees it can take approximately 1-3 months to run a comprehensive phishing campaign, train, and implement all the necessary security controls.