Careful Security

Policies and Procedures

Create Security Policies and Procedures based on industry standard frameworks e.g. NIST, ISO 27001

Select policies that are relevant to your organization and compliance requirements.

Train your employees on how to follow these procedures.

Capture evidence of adherence to policies and procedures and track them over a period of time.

Why do you need this?

Without a clearly defined set of policies and procedures every employee would be left to use their best judgment on all security concerns.

Every organization needs a Security Policy to ensure that all employees follow the same standardized practices to secure the organization’s Information assets.


What do we need to Get Started

An understanding of your business processes. An updated Org structure.

What you'll Get from Us

A Spreadsheet outlining all the risks with an executive summary of the observations. The risk assessment is comprehensive and based on the 120 security controls required for ISO 27001. The spreadsheet can be used as a working document for continuously track and remediate open risks.   

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