Careful Security

Risk Assessment

Conduct a thorough Risk Assessment to identify your organization’s crown jewels. Understand the threats and vulnerabilities to your information assets and take a prioritized approach to remediate risks.

Why do you need this?

Information Security Is an exercise in risk management. You want to invest in what makes sense for your business. The investment should justify the value of the asset.

What do we need to Get Started

We’ll schedule an intro meeting to understand the nature of your business and then send a form that is customized to capture a few specific details around the nature of your business. Once we receive this document we’ll start working 

What you'll Get from Us

A Spreadsheet outlining all the risks with an executive summary of the observations. The risk assessment is comprehensive and based on the 120 security controls required for ISO 27001. The spreadsheet can be used as a working document for continuously track and remediate open risks.   

How do we Mitigate risks

  • Create an Inventory of Information assets
  • Identify threats and vulnerabilities
  • Prioritize Risks based on Business Impact
  • Mitigate, Transfer or Avoid Risks
  • Track and Monitor Open Risks

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