Security Monitoring

Setup SIEM Solution

Consolidate and Centralize Logging and Monitoring

What is SIEM solution?

SIEM solutions enable organizations to collect and analyze log data from all digital assets into one single pane of glass. This provides a consolidated view of all security events to investigate suspicious activity and implement effective security processes


What is the difference between SIEM and SOC?

SIEM stands for Security Incident and Event Management and is a system that collects and analyzes aggregated log data. SOC stands for Security Operations Center and consists of people, processes, and plans to deal with security events noticed in the SIEM tool.

How long does it take to set up a SIEM solution?

It depends on the organization’s infrastructure. However, we have an agent-based installation process that can start forwarding logs as soon as it’s installed. We also ingest logs from Office 365, Google Workspace, AWS Infrastructure and firewalls. Overall it would take 1-2 months for a complete SIEM Setup.