Our Method

When you partner with us, you are in good hands

Address your IT problems remotely without the need for a physical visit.


After an initial onboarding questionnaire, and follow-up video conference where we gather site-specific information and requirements,

leave the heavy lifting to us.



To know your weaknesses, you need to know where they exist:

  • We identify gaps in your security so you can see where you're most vulnerable to a cyberattack

  • We provide a report with findings, risk ratings and actionable recommendations to close those gaps



Once we identify weaknesses, we develop a strategy to address them:

  • We create a plan to remediate your risks

  • We work with you to implement missing controls

  • We provide a walkthrough

  • We provide relevant training to in-house personnel



For security to be effective, foundational processes have to be implemented so it continues to protect your business: 

  • We generate monthly security reports to identify new vulnerabilities 

  • We make updated recommendations to remediate new vulnerabilities


Sample Workflow for

Compliance Readiness

  1. Conduct High-Level Gap Analysis

  2. Review Findings, Prioritize based on criticality

  3. Create Policies and Procedures

  4. Conduct Risk Assessment and Penetration testing

  5. Implement missing technical controls

  6. Develop Incident Response Capabilities

  7. Ensure Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery​

  8. Continuous Monitoring to maintain Compliance