Baltimore County Public Schools hit by ransomware cyber attack, officials say

#ransomware attacks are on the rise.

Going by the adage that prevention is better than cure, here are three simple steps every organization can take to reduce the risk.

#backups: Backup Locally, in the cloud & and offsite. That way, even if #ransomware strikes, you can wipe the infected systems and restore them with clean backup files. It’s imperative to disconnect the backup storage devices so that even if ransomware strikes, the backup is not affected.

#leastprivilege: Make users, including IT admin personnel, log in using a non-privileged account, and escalate privilege as needed using a secondary account.

#emailsecurity: Ensure that you have email filters in place to scan macros, executables and password protected files before it lands in your user's inbox.

Happy #thanksgiving2020!

Remember #securityawareness is the key to prevent unwanted gifts like #ransomwareattacks.