Free Cybersecurity Tools

Thanks to the contribution of brilliant security researchers, the list of free cybersecurity tools keep growing. Here are a few of my favorites.

Networking & Security Auditing Tools

NMAP - Nmap the “network mapper” is a great tool for network discovery and security auditing. The tool analyzes IP packets to gain a ton of information about systems including the services running on the system, operating system, presence and type of firewalls, and more. There is the traditional command-line version, but the Zenmap graphic user interface (GUI) is a nice add-on.

WhatsUp Gold Starter - WhatsUp Gold Starter is a free network security scanner. It can help you discover, secure, and manage the devices on your networks. You can also set up alerts for various KPIs.

HPing - As its name suggests, HPing is a tool for ping testing of all kinds. Unlike other ping testers, HPing can send more than just ICMP requests. Because of this, the tool can be used to test firewalls, advanced TCP stack testing and so much more.

PacketFence - If you are looking for a complete open-source network security management solution, PacketFence is an option. The solution includes capabilities for 802.1x authentication, Guest Access Portal, VLAN management, TLS traffic encryption, bandwidth management, and much more. PacketFence works with a wide range of network equipment brands making it an effective solution.

WireShark - WireShark is one of the most used security scanning tools. If you want to understand and analyze the traffic traversing your network, you NEED to get WireShark. With just a few filters and settings, you can analyze your network traffic on a packet basis.

Security Awareness and Training.

Gophish -  To assist in increasing security awareness among your organization’s users, Gophish provides a platform for phishing attack simulation. Gophish provides several great templates for phishing emails, but it also allows you to import the HTML from an email that you want to use. It tracks which users fell for the phish, allowing you to take the necessary steps to re-train them before the bad guys get to them. Another amazing feature of Gophish is that you don’t have to build all the landing pages for your “attacks.” Simply put the URL into Gophish and it will import the web code and create an identical page.

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) Tools

SIEMonster - Looking for a SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) solution that will help your enterprise correlate and monitor security events on a budget? SIEMonster may be the perfect solution for you. It provides an easy to navigate console to correlate the data from an unlimited number of endpoints.

Event Log Consolidator - Event Log Consolidator by Solarwinds makes reviewing Windows Machine’s logs easier. You can view the logs from up to 5 machines in one place. The tool also allows you to set up alerts for certain events.

Log Fusion - LogFusion is a log management tool for Windows. It supports advanced high-lighting and customizations. You can even sync settings across computers.

Netwrix Event Log Manager - Netwrix Event Log Manager collects event logs from across your network and sends alerts in real-time.

Splunk - Splunk is a well-known name in the cybersecurity tools and software industry. The free version of their SIEM tools allows for collecting and indexing of log data, visualization of trends, and is designed specifically for small offices.

LogRythm NetMon - If you are looking for free cybersecurity tools to help you gain insight into the deep areas of your network, LogRythm Netmon is a tool you should consider. It can help you find anomalies in DNS, SMNP, Kerberos, and other protocols. Furthermore, Netmon allows you to log and categorize the locations your network traffic goes.

CorreLog -  CorreLog is another free SIEM solution for monitoring security environments. The agent is light-weight and non-intrusive.

Offensive Cybersecurity Tools

Aircrack-ng - If you need to harden the security of your wireless network, Aircrack-ng is likely a tool that you’ll want to look into. Aircrack captures wifi authentication segments and attempts to break the passcode.

Breach Discovery

Breach Alarm - Breach Alarm crawls the deep parts of the internet to discover if your credentials have been compromised. Simply put in your email address and it will tell you whether or not you should change your password.

Kali Linux offers a range of offensive tools.

Security Onion offers a range of monitoring and alerting tools.

More free tools are listed here.

What's in your list of favorite free tools? Please feel free to post as comments. Thank you!