Inside the CyberSecurity Crystal Ball

Updated: May 13, 2020

Your data is in the cloud, so get your head out of it.

The importance of security in the cloud is growing. So it may be time for your business to conduct a cloud readiness assessment.

  1. Data security will remain a growing concern for all organizations amidst frequent data breaches due to unsecured cloud databases. Organizations will be under greater pressure to clean up their act and improve their security standards.

  2. Financial sector attacks will continue to be a lucrative target for international cybercrime gangs. Whether it is in the form of card skimming attacks, attacks on bank systems, or cryptocurrency hacks, financial motives will drive a huge amount of cybercrime.

  3. Security automation will be leveraged to enable a threat-based detection and response strategy and zero-trust model for cyber defense.

  4. Ransomware attacks are a top threat for numerous sectors such as education, healthcare, and the government sector. Ransomware actors would release variants of ransomware along with threats of releasing victims’ data.

  5. Machine Learning and AI technologies has given rise to new threats such as Deepfakes that propagate malicious activities with data poisoning, detection evasion, and other techniques.

  6. The Government is expected to pass new laws to address security concerns surrounding critical infrastructure facilities, IoT devices, 5G communications, and more.

  7. Cyber cold war between state-sponsored cyber operations and contrasting global powers, supported by highly resourceful state-linked actors.

  8. Integration of threat intelligence, threat hunting, and incident response. The year 2020 will be the keystone for Gartner’s prediction of up to 50% adoption of this approach by 2022.

  9. Hardware security will be a major challenge going forward, be it is bugs in existing processor and firmware designs or entirely new types of hardware such as connected cars, smart building systems, and Virtual Reality (VR) devices.

  10. Phishing baits with sophisticated impersonation tactics and Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks, threat actors will continue evolving their methods to target a wide range of targets in 2020 through phishing.

Source: Cyware