Perscholas provides amazing #technical#training at no cost at all to the student. The #application process for students is smooth and simple.

I recently had the privilege of #teaching cybersecurity at one of their online classes and was impressed by the well-thought course curriculum. It was built on byte-sized learning material followed by #labs and #assessments to ensure the student got a firm grasp of the material.

Some of the students had no previous tech experience, some had no cybersecurity experience and some had prior background but no actual employer to apply their knowledge into real-life situations. #PerScholas solves this problem by tying up with multi-national corporations that looking to hire cybersecurity professionals. Of-course the student has to be motivated to participate in day-long classes for 8-10 weeks and demonstrate their skills at these pre-arranged job interviews.

#CyberSecurity is one of those rare fields that has a negative #unemployment rate. The students were determined to fill in this skills shortage and develop their careers in this ever-growing field of work. They say you learn something twice when you teach it to another person. #Teaching can be a very #fulfilling experience and I'd recommend it for all.