Careful Security

Answering Security Questionnaires

We help you answer security questionnaires based on our optimized process of information gathering.
However, we just don’t answer questionnaires as a value add we also help to fill missing security gaps if required.
Process Description
Supply Chain Security is becoming increasingly important.
Answering security questionnaires is one way for clients to review and verify your organization’s cybersecurity posture.
Sometimes these questions can seem endlessly long and hard to comprehend.
That’s where we come in to help you out.
We schedule an initial information gathering call to get an understanding of your business processes and existing security controls.
Next, we complete the first draft of responses and review the answers with you as well as point out potential security gaps.
Finally, we provide a finalized version of the responses.
As a value-added service, we also help you mitigate some of the potentially high-priority gaps we identified while answering the questionnaire.
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Who is it meant for?

Businesses who are submitting RFPs, signing or negotiating contracts with other businesses