Careful Security

Phishing Prevention/Email Security

Careful Security can ensure your organization is prepared, and ready to handle phishing attacks before it's too late.
Service Overview
Emails are an attacker’s favorite weapon. They use it to launch ransomware attacks, steal money, and affect your client’s trust in your business. Your employees can be the weakest link for such attacks. Our experts can train them to now be your best line of defense! We start off by running a simulated phishing exercise on your employees. These emails would have varying degrees of complexity making the spoof harder and harder to detect. At the same time, we also test your email security controls to see how many of these emails are actually reaching users’ inboxes and how many are being identified early on and sent straight to quarantine. Based on the responses received we train your employees on how to detect malicious emails and what to do if they are just not sure if it’s real or fake. As a value-added service, we also help strengthen your email security controls so that malicious emails can be intercepted and blocked before it lands in your user’s inbox. Contact us to learn more!

Who is it meant for?

Any organization that conducts a bulk of their business through email communication and often has documents attached to these emails. Lawyers, insurance agents, real estate agents, financial institutions, and many others can benefit from Phishing Prevention/Email Security.