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Sammy Basu

  • Designed and Implemented security controls for Warner Bros. iconic shows and movies such as Harry Potter, The Game of Thrones, Curb your enthusiasm.

  • Secured video games for EA Sports - FIFA, The Sims, and Madden.

  • Secured financial information for high net-worth clients for Goldman Sachs

  • Managed security of personal information for the millions of policyholders in State Farm Insurance.

  • Presented at Conferences and written articles for security journals.

Sammy Basu
Image by Charles Forerunner

We are passionate about all the different aspects of Information Security ranging from Security Architecture, Security Audits, and Risk Assessments. We can help you secure your networks in the ground as well as your assets in the Cloud.

We are not tied to one specific tool or technology. We take a holistic look at information security and use our education and experience to offer the best solutions to our client that also fits well with their current technology infrastructure.


If you want to do a quick check on your overall security posture or do a deep inspection of your websites and infrastructure, look no further. We care to secure and we will secure you carefully.