The Cycle of Cybersecurity: Gap Analysis, Risk Assessment, Remediation, Certification, and Maintenance

One of Careful Security’s many services is a review of a network’s security posture. For example, we recently worked with a company building semiconductor chips and needed to ensure International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) compliance. Here are the steps we took in establishing an industry-recognized cybersecurity posture.

Risk Assessment

The first piece of initiating a cybersecurity program is reviewing a company’s current security status. Our security review includes, in part, verifying which controls are in practice, evaluating current gaps between industry and regulatory standards, and conducting automated security and vulnerability scanning. After compiling a comprehensive evaluation of where the current security posture stands, we can move forward in our cybersecurity cycle.

Security Report

The second piece of a cybersecurity plan is reporting the findings of any review. Careful Security provides our clients with a System Security Plan (SSP), a government-recognized document that formalizes an information system’s security requirements and controls. Your SSP will include your core IT requirements, any industry or regulatory compliance controls needed, gaps highlighted during your security review and risk assessment, and a remediation plan including prioritized vulnerabilities.

Remediation Efforts

As part of your SSP, we will develop a Plan of Action and Milestones (POA&M) document that details all steps needed to bring your system to compliance. Working with key stakeholders, Careful Security creates security policies, procedures, and training programs to remediate all cybersecurity gaps in a structured and trackable format. Monthly updates are provided into POA&M progression with key milestones highlighted.

Compliance Certification

Once a client’s systems security posture is formally reviewed and remediated, it is ready to be certified against regulatory standards. Careful Security ensures that systems meet all security requirements for any relevant compliance standards, including preparing stakeholders for external audits and reviews. We assist in preparing organizations for ISO, SOC2, PCI, ITAR, and other compliance requirements.

Maintaining Security Practices

The last phase in ensuring a healthy cybersecurity posture is maintaining and improving your security posture. We work with clients to formalize vulnerability management and run continuous monitoring and procedural tests. Whether we manage maintenance for you or assist in crafting a comprehensive process, Careful Security ensures that your security improvements are continuous and consistent.

Careful Security is here to help you in all steps in your cybersecurity lifecycle. We can assist in any cycle efforts or establish policies that allow your organization to self-govern its security program.